Talking Drum - African Percussion Instrument



A talking drum is an African instrument known for its hourglass shape. Originating from West Africa, the talking drum is an instrument that can mimic the tone, rhythm, intonation, and stress of human speech. It is called in different names, including Dondo, Tamanin, Lunna, and Dundun, among others.

The talking drum is one of the oldest instruments in West Africa. Griots have been using the instrument since the Ghana Empire, with the Hausa people creating a particular Griot music genre based on the sounds it can produce. Back in the year, the talking drum is used during different traditional activities and rituals such as religious rites, royal occasions and even circumcisions.

In terms of using the drum as a way to communicate, people used to find it easier and faster to send messages to another village via the drum than personally delivering it. Today however, the talking drum is used across various types of African music genre to enhance the quality and richness of music produced.

Dimensions: 19cm x 44cm
Weight: 1.3kg


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