Senufo Royal Tribal Masks - African Mahogany Wood Sculpture




This stunning and exquisite pair of the Senufo Royal Tribal Masks were delicately and intricately handcrafted in Ghana from mahogany wood, with rich metal embellishments. The metal etchings are skillfully done with great attention to detail. The Senufo people are found in southern Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and north-western Ghana. They are a people of very strong spiritual beliefs and practice divination as a cultural way of life. Their communities are led by tribal chiefs, and these masks are representative of their royalty. This exclusive pair are show-stoppers in any room, and give a very strong ethnic presence in an aesthetically pleasing way wherever they are mounted.

Dimensions: 73cm x 20cm each
Beautiful and delicately crafted pair of Senufo royal tribal masks. Painstakingly adorned with hand-designed metal embellishment to enhance the beauty of these carvings. Carved from Mahogany wood.


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