About Us


Africa is a very rich Continent blessed with a wealth of talented artists.  We work closely with various artists and craftspeople across the Continent to promote their amazing skill by importing their work for exposure in Europe and beyond.  All the works we sell are crafted and finished to very high standards, with most of our larger items being commissioned work - as such you are assured of the uniqueness of every painting or sculpture that we deliver to you.

Arts & Crafts of Africa are ambassadors for the talented artists and craftspeople across the Continent.  We pay a fair price for the arts and crafts we purchase from the craftspeople and artists, appreciating the hard work and incredible skill that goes into every beautiful piece of work. 

We hope that you will find something you love on our site and proudly showcase the excellent talents of the African artists.

We are able to commission bespoke African carvings and paintings of any size.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.